‘What does the Lord require of us: to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God’ Micah 6:8

    Fairtrade is making a real difference to the lives of more than 7 million farmers, workers and their families in 59 developing countries.Faith groups are key supporters of Fairtrade and thousands of churches making the connection between trade and poverty, and committing to using Fairtrade products including tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits over the past 25 years has formed a central pillar of the Fairtrade movement.Churches organise hundreds of events throughout the year - particularly during the annual Fairtrade Fortnight as well as including prayers and readings about Fairtrade in their worship.Many churches from a range of denominations have also worked to have their support of Fairtrade officially recognised by achieving Fairtrade Church status.

    Thank you very much for your re- commitment for St Mary and St Michael’s RC Church to remain a Fairtrade place of worship. Congratulations on your hard work in promoting the Fairtrade Mark. Such enthusiasm from all over the UK means more than 7500 churches, mosques, temples and synagogues have now pledged to use and promote Fairtrade.
    It sounds like you do a great deal to promote Fairtrade locally and to your congregants. I have attached your certificate to declare that you are now an officially recognised Fairtrade Church. Fairtrade is growing with enormous success thanks to the support of consumers and the efforts of faith groups like yours raising awareness of Fairtrade. Now that your church has recommitted to use and promote Fairtrade, we hope that your members will enjoy discovering an ever developing Fairtrade range and sharing new products with friends and family. Please also remember to look at our Fairtrade Churches resources online where you can find ideas of how to incorporate Fairtrade into worship, for example prayers and readings: http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/en/get-involved/in-your-community/faith-groups/fairtrade-churches. You can also find a full list of resources and also order them online by visiting: http://shop.fairtrade.org.uk or alternatively please call 020 7440 7676. We will keep you up to date through our Fairtrade Churches e-newsletter – you can subscribe here. You can also visit our website www.fairtrade.org.uk which is updated regularly. Please do also send us any feedback on how you found this recommitment process, and any suggestions for improvements. Once again, congratulations on becoming a Fairtrade Church and thank you for supporting positive change for people and planet. Best wishes,