World's first Fairtrade town Garstang renews Fairtrade status - Garstang's status as a Fairtrade Town has been successfully renewed following its ongoing commitment to promoting Fairtrade principles.

In 2017 Garstang mayor Counillor Peter Ryder accepted the certificate on behalf of the town and said: “I am delighted that Garstang has renewed its Fairtrade Town status. Garstang should be proud to be the world’s first Fairtrade town and it is an honour to accept this certificate.”

Garstang was first formally awarded Fairtrade status by the Fairtrade Foundation in 2001 in recognition of the strong support in Garstang and district. At the time it became the world's first Fairtrade Town. Mrs Ruth Bruce, current chair of Garstang Fairtrade Steering Committee said the town and community should take a great deal of pride in the accolade of being the world’s first Fairtrade Town, an achievement which is internationally recognised. Certification was renewed again in 2019. Becoming a Fairtrade Town is a fantastic achievement, but is just one (very big) step our community’s Fairtrade journey.

Members of Garstang Fairtrade Steering Group have committed themselves to continuing to promote Fairtrade in the area, expanding their membership and continuing to work closely with local schools.


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