Learning trough Fairtrade opens up a fascinating world, revealing how we are all connected. Use our curriculum resources to discover where our food comes from. Your school or nursery could become a Fairtrade school too.

    Our activities with Schools focuses essentially on the Junior Schools in Garstang and the surrounding areas. 

    The three larger schools are very welcoming and invite speakers in to run Fairtrade Assemblies and assist in the process of obtaining Fairtrade status. 

    Further, the smaller Junior Schools in the surrounding villages are also welcoming and keen to adopt Fairtrade status, in particular

    They participate in the Fairtrade Fortnight celebrations with a range of activities, including Fairtrade Assemblies, coffee mornings, cake making classes and entering Fairtrade Art Competitions. 

    The overall impact is a) to create an awareness of the meaning of Fairtrade and the Fairtrade premium, b) to find out just where in the developing world Fairtrade products originate and how the supply chains operate, and c) to encourage the pupils and their families to request and buy Fairtrade products from the local shops.

    Banana ballerina anyone?  primary schools went bananas for Fairtrade!

       If you are from another school in Garstang and District, and  wish to be involved we can  help.

     just get in touch: